Abolish the death penalty!

July 21, 2013
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As of January first 2012, 3,189 people were placed on Death Row. Currently, there are more than ten thousand people on this list. For those who are unaware, the phrase ‘death row’ is the civil name given to a list of individuals awaiting the death penalty. Despite the death penalty breaching many articles in the declaration of human rights, articles three and five specifically, it is still a practise being performed in various countries around the world. It is an appalling and disturbing course of action that needs to be stopped.
Article three in the declaration of human rights states that everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. The death penalty, which is presently active in an atrocious fifty-seven countries, undoubtedly breaches this article. Anybody who is placed under a death penalty is being refused their right to life. As well as this, article five states that no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment. Is the death penalty not an example of cruel, inhumane, degrading treatment? It is an unfair and malevolent concept that needs to be completely abolished in every country, not just a small portion of the world!
Not only does the death penalty breach various articles of the declaration of human rights, it is a practise that can cause despair and heartache amongst a large number of people. As there are presently over ten thousand people on the ‘waiting list’ for the death penalty, there are potentially twenty thousand parents living their lives knowing that their child is going to be put to death. Imagine having to deal with that knowledge. Imagine having to go through such a distraught period of time after your own family members have been intentionally killed. As the aforementioned figure states, fifty-seven countries in the world still condone this malicious punishment. In a hypothetical sense, that’s fifty-seven countries with the potential to put a number of families and friends through a period of despair and desolation.
In conclusion, the death penalty is a malignant reprimand that needs to be eliminated as a punishment from countries all over the world. It not only breaches crucial articles of the declaration of human rights, but causes hurt and dejection amongst many families. It is an inhumane retribution that should be recognised for what it is. It needs to be stopped, and somebody like you or me could contribute to the preventing of it by getting online and http://www.direct and finding out what you can do.

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