Benefits of Positivity

July 21, 2013
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Ten Reasons why you should stay Positive

By Eisha.

There are many valid reasons why you should always stay/Think positive. Moreover, Positivity has numerous benefits, but here I am only going to mention some important benefits and reasons:


Positivity embraces good change in your life. Even one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. Staying positive can change the way you think.
The second thing that comes to my mind after the way positivity changes the “way of thinking” are its social benefits. Once you change your way of thinking, and have positive thoughts for everyone it will lead to healthy social relations. For example there will be less miss-understanding and you will be nice to everyone since you’ll see their good side. In turn, the others will also be nice to you!

Now, when you think of everyone being nice to you; doesn’t it make you feel happy? I’m quite sure it does, imagine the rudest person you ever met being kind to you, it would definitely be a treat to see that! So, staying optimistic or positive makes you feel happy, it’s a slight change, barely noticeable but it does have a good feeling to it.

Ups and Downs:

Nobody has a perfect life; we all have our ups and downs. An optimistic approach and thinking about everything can help you gain stability between all those ups and downs and face them with courage! Thinking positive will keep you from that discouraged state of mind that stops believing. Positivity helps you stay strong.

Hope is a very important factor in our life, where there is hope there is a way. I know I changed the saying a bit, but this is true as well, because “hope” is what encourages one’s will. We all have some days in our lives in which we think there’s no way, we lose faith and hope in everything; which is quite like a perfectly normal and healthy human preparing for death. In these days what you need is Positivity which is in other words known as hopeful.

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