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July 20, 2013
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*That one thing that keeps you moving*

Article by Creratively3

A few minutes ago, I was biting the end of my pencil, drawing tattoos and designs on paper and then after scrunching it up I’d throw it in the dust bin. Is this what you do while, Preparing for a test, your exam or maybe when the teacher is asking you to copy the notes?

Your mind seems blank, your thoughts wander off and you can’t concentrate. Finally with a lot of tension and frustration you put down your notebook or whatever you’re working on and just let go. You feel like no-matter how hard you try, you just can’t do it!
Well, that’s exactly what I was feeling before deciding to write this, My mind was completely out of ideas on what to write. My article got published in smash twice, and now I want it to happen again and again but what if the topic I choose is too boring? Then I said to myself “Eisha, You just need one thing, and that one thing is Inspiration!” and before I could think of anything else I decided what my topic should be, the most neutral, applicable and worthy to be noticed topic of all time (Inspiration).
What is Inspiration?
Inspiration is that feeling that keeps you moving, that embraces movement and change for a better in your life or others’. It’s that feeling that you get when you see somebody and you’re like “I wish I was like him/her”.
Why is it important?
It’s important because without inspiration you can barely do anything. It’s the fuel for work and you need it to do something with utmost perfection in your work, whatever it may be: either its writing a book, studying, inventing something or simply drawing something.
Where you can get it:
Lets begin with an example: Why do you go to school/college? Not just to study, but because someone inspired you to do it; be it your elder siblings or your parents. OR the reason could be you once saw a doctor/engineer in your family/on TV and ever since then you've chosen that as your career goal. People who get inspired and do something, do much better than those who don’t.
You can’t buy it, you just have to look for Inspiration, for instance if you’re good at sketching and you like an artist; he/she can be your inspiration and motivate you to move on.
Inspiration gets your talent motivated/ helps you find your special ability:
Inspiration is of great importance when it comes to career counseling, one of the hardest decision faced by youth is choosing their career! No-matter what age you are you have to find out your special talent. Everyone has a special quality in them, that makes them different from others, When you see someone do something it gets you motivated/inspired to do it, and that is where you realize you’re actually good at it.
For example, I’d like with share with you, that I was just thinking about how amazing it would be to become an editor of a magazine! It would definitely be an awesome job, I decided I want to become a writer so I can express my feelings to people, and maybe if I’m really good I could also become the editor of a magazine/newspaper later on; This is why I wrote this article so that if it got published in Teen Ink I’ll know that I should carry on writing, after-all it is what go *me* inspired but even if The editor doesn't think this article is worth publishing, I’ll carry on and do my best because I have my own INSPIRATION now!! Thank you Teen Ink.

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