Solution to High Gas Price's

July 14, 2013
Gas prices are well over 4.00 dollars a gallon. " 15% is how much money you pay for a gallon had gone up", according to Climate Progress, a very reliable source that writes articles for city newspapers. Many adults are agonizing over the amount of money they have to pay for gasoline. So is there a solution?

Solutions such as a renewable source or electric and solar cars have failed to replace cars that fuel on gasoline. A better solution proposed by the Natural Resources Defence council, says that if we increased our average vehicle fleet efficiency to 54.4 miles per gallon we would save 68 billion dollars a year.

Some could say this won't solve it because the price will continue to go up because of the growing demand, finite supply, and continued conflict around the world. And they say that electric and advanced biofuels are the future. However this is not a reliable solution since it is forcing consumer demand challenges.

Increased fuel efficiency standards have been proven, that it will save $4,400 over the lifetime of a vehicle. Now is a time where you, young adults, can talk to your representative to propose the idea of increased fuel efficiency. WIth most of America behind this idea it could really work and save Americans billions.

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