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Everybody Talks Too Much, or Too Little?

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The song by Neon Trees “Everybody Talks” has initiated a cognitive process. True, I may not be using the lyrics in accordance with the meaning the song intended, but still it created a ponder if it was true, does everybody talk too much?
When we talk about talking, I think of actual face to face dialogue. That think that once happened over teas and cakes. Talking is what I think of the century old novels with characters that would just talk. Talk during dinner. Talk over business. And then talk for fun .
My first impression on whether people in this century talked as much as they used to was the likely; No. I do not see anybody talking when their finger are rapidly moving over small cell-phone screens till the point of exhaust. Did I miss a soul not affected with the entertainment world? Television is a great past time. Radio stations and music is when people listen only to voices and there is never a reply. Video games prove to be a somewhat exciting option for people. And the most important entertainment that serves as the greatest alone pastime, computers. In fact if I didn’t have two sister and parents I must correspond with, I could survive with substantial happiness in my room making no interferences with anyone whatsoever.
But then, the other side of the supposed argument: talking too much. I suppose that this too could be true, if I were to define talking another way. Taking into consideration texting, it could be fair to say that the cellular devices are providing a way of communicating, thus talking. The global internet is electronic home to instant messaging with people near and abroad. Also there is video gaming, where fellows can connect to the internet and play live, discussing the game with someone you may not even know the gender of. All this excitement without moving from the couch (or perhaps for the lazier of ones) ,the bed and all with or without talking. Even the radio station allows people to call in their preferred playlist.
Perhaps there is more talking going on than I once supposed.
So rather you're like me and define talking as that 17th century thing people did face to face. Or you’re on the side that defines all and any means of communication as talking. Though I may not agree that people are running their jaws up and down as they once may have, communication is certainly happening more now than then.
Whatsoever, maybe people talk too much or maybe they talk too little.

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