Society Ruined My Life

June 14, 2013
Society tells me my emotions and feeling towards the person I love are wrong. They tell my classmates I am scum. They make me feel vulnerable and hurt. But not anymore. it's my life! I can love whoever I desire! I am tired of cowering behind a brick wall of safety! I need adventure and I need memories! I need to be hurt so I will learn that maybe, just maybe, certain things I will do will hurt me and my loved ones. But why do you care? You are nothing but an innocent bystander who knows nothing of who I am, my standards, or my situation. So why does my boyfriends age matter so much to you? If I wanted to know your thoughts on our relationship I would ask. Why do you feel the need to butt into our lives like you know everything? Why do you do this? Is it because you need to create some form of drama in your life to make it enjoyable? Even when your joy brings a human being with a heart beat and feeling to tears every single night from the cruel heartless words you say to me every day…………...

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