June 4, 2013
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Bleeding in my heart
I feel the red soak through my skin
Then my shirt
My head spins
Yet my heart keeps beating
And my head keeps pounding
I hold back my impulses,
My waves of anger
As you insult me
And laugh

As you give me that glare
That I despise more than you
As my bleeding heart keeps pumping
I stare in astonishment at you
Because even now
As my life runs out of me
You glare at me
You do not seem to notice
That my death could be upon me
Trapped in a horror film

I await darkness
Yet the beating of my heart doesn't stop
And I still hear the orchestra play
That frightening song
The sound starts to crescendo
And I wonder if now I’ll find peace
But no, the monster that I call you
Appears through my vision
I sigh
And struggle to my feet

Only to be shoved; hard
The force of the ground sends piercing shock waves
Up my back and back down my spine
Then the floor hits my head
And my head pounds harder, and faster
My beating heart bleeds deeper
And I stare
As you glare
And await another day
Of awaiting death

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JRBs_Girl said...
Jun. 8, 2013 at 2:56 pm
I really love this and you're an amazing writer...wow...
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