Technology: Blessing or Curse

April 30, 2013
In the year of 1913 the latest technology would be considered nonelectrical items such as the zipper, or the ram jet. Technology today has increased the materialization of electrical items listing from a mere 0.4% to a participation level of 34% since 2009 in America. But electricity could actually affect the well-being of our minds, and how we learn. Electricity provides many benefits for consumers, including the Internet and video games. These are popular among young adults, and currently among older people for some social media and communication. But I believe that this could be viewed, not as a blessing, but as a curse.
Recently, public school systems, in the Isle of Wight County, are debating the issue of whether to teach more technology classes, in the elementary and middle schools, replacing the English classes. Meaning, they are planning to abolish cursive and handwriting altogether. For example, in 2012, Smithfield High school gave their students iPads while convincing the parents that it will influence the benefits of being able to learn with a variety. This is true, but it’s also giving the students lee-way into the fact that the technology today can also be used as a distraction, and being used the wrong way, can get you in trouble. This is the reason why schools have the ‘no personal technology on in class’ rule. This, indeed, can be viewed, not as a blessing, but as a curse.

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