Social Networks

April 18, 2013
Fashion, mobiles, computer games and social networks simple words but though play vast role in every teenager’s life, Today though I’ll only talk about social networks, adults and teachers claim that it only squanders time. However, I believe that social networks have sterling impacts on teenagers’ life.
As we all know, if it weren’t for social networks, teenagers wouldn’t been able to express a mini part of themselves, bullying is drastically effecting their character and annihilating them, social networks always aided teenagers to reveal themselves without being criticized you may say that black mailing makes social networks jeopardous, however, we can block and report inappropriate actions at a tip of a finger!
Furthermore, social networks assist us to contact with our friends in other countries besides, coming across new friends. Social networks don’t make teenagers introverted or detriment handshakes! It’s the excessive use of them.
At last, we harm ourselves by our own hands.

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