March 28, 2013
By Serenade SILVER, Apple Valley, California
Serenade SILVER, Apple Valley, California
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Be yourself, everybody else is already taken.

I am in a controlled state of mind. I am in a free state of time. I am in a tortured state of might. And yet I am a happy soul at will. I am in love. With whom? Oh, I must keep that secret. That is for me to know and you to find out. If I tell you… it will travel on forever and ever. We all know how it is. Yes, we have all been there. Some things are left to be untold.
However, I will tell you this: He is kind and a rare find to these challenging days. His personality is a humorous and bright. He always has a plastered smile amount his face. He has character. He has voice. He is himself. You see… I described him through how his reputation is. Not through what he looks like, or the way he is treated. I simply stated who he truly is. This should be the same for all of us. We shouldn't care about who we are. We should just be ourselves. How does it feel to be a fake all the time? I’d bet it feels different, two-faced. One day you are happy-go-lucky you; the next you are an anonymous person sitting in the shadow. Go out and meet the sunshine. Those days are over. Go on and meet more people. Go on and learn how to be yourself. Go out there and become who you've always wanted to be. No one can tell you otherwise. You know why? They aren't you. Open your eyes to what is in beyond you. Not in front of you. I always say, “When you look from the sky to the ground; you have limits. Whereas, when you look from the ground to the sky… you are limitless.”

The author's comments:
I feel like a lot of people try to be who they aren't. If people have a problem with who you are then its not worth it.

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