Shunning the social network.

March 12, 2013
I had made an account on facebook with great enthusiasm and excitement.Now,four years later a question has come up in my mind.Does an fb account really matter that much?
I mean,after a certain point of time one does realize the amount of privacy he should share even with his friends.Some relations and some things have to be intimate and personal.Uploading new pictures and obtaining loads of likes makes us happy and feel all popular.But,no one cares!No one cares if you are in a relationship with someone.If hurdles occur in your relationship,the people who 'liked' your update aren't going to help you to sort it out.Its just a momentary happiness.I also came to know that facebook makes us less productive which in turn makes us unaware of our capabilities that might work wonders if social media hadn't got hold of us!One just logs into his profile and scrolls up and down the wall.He might as well spend the time googling useful stuff.Trust me,there are much important things for us to do.But,we simply don't pay heed to them because of a social network account .In fact friends will strive even more to be in touch with you once you have shunned yourself from this addictive monster.There might be 2 good reasons to have a facebook account but there are 200 good ones as to why one shouldn't have it!

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VictoriaMarie said...
Mar. 20, 2013 at 2:15 pm
Facebook is a right to anyone that wants it. So don't be hating on Facebook/
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