We are the Media

March 3, 2013
By BrunetteBrilliance GOLD, Oswego, Illinois
BrunetteBrilliance GOLD, Oswego, Illinois
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From first-person shooting games to slaughter-house movies, this decade has certainly been the age of the acclaimed "media violence." Of course, blood and gore has been around since the dawn of time, but until recently, the technological advances have not been able to support what human nature thrives to recreate: death. Humans have, and continue to be, obsessed with demise, such as the mystery encompassing it, and the foretold ideas of what is to come after the last beat of the heart. Once console games such as Call of Duty and Modern Warfare were released to the public, an intrigued mass of Americans were instantly caught into the ever-expanding web of pixelated pleasure. Yet, with this creeps in the side of human nature that is defiant to its own ends, that rejects what it desires, which is considerably hypocritical. The media began to cast a dark gloom upon it's own replication of violence, claiming it inspired the youth to act rebelliously and aggressively, turning citizens against human nature's violent obsessions. Throughout this, we forget to recognize what the media genuinely is. No, it is not an omnipotent force that entices its followers onto a dark path, nor is it something we can configure and take control of. It is you. The media s merely a mirror that feeds us what we want to be fed, like a demanding infant whaling for it's meal. We want answers to the violence that occurs, something to blame other than ourselves, forgetting that we summoned such acts to feed upon. We neglect the complex to take responsibility for ourselves, and strive for blame upon something higher. It is time to realize that the media is nothing more than a fast food restaurant that immediately gives what we demand, yet we accuse them of insidious acts when we grow obese. Face it America, we are the media.

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