Dealing With Brick Walls

February 23, 2013
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It's pitch dark in the sky. Around me are white walls that branch of in different directions. Confused, lost, and unknown I am clueless to were I need to go. I look up at the dark abyss above me in hope for a sign- to my dismay I see nothing, no sign of life. If you haven't gotten the hint I am in a maze. Sometimes I get myself into these situations and other times I awaken stuck in these.

Suddenly there is a subdue glow somewhere, somewhere far, and not near me. Shooting up the pure drug that is instincts I go straight. Fearless, excited, and full of confidence I walk straight. Little did I know this path would end... Before me lay stacked solid red stones- bricks. Shocked and in denial I step back. A gray stone piped the outer edge of these individual bricks- cement. For which I could not fathom the idea of failure. "You're a Moscatiello! Moscatiello's are winners!" my fathers words echo through the long vacant hallway of my mind. My ears begin to bleed the blood of emptiness.

One, two, one, two; my legs move on their own else where's- by default I move. Lets go here and and turn down there- I think to myself. Another wall of what is bricks after another, my body refuses to actually face these. My mental GPS is on "denial" mode and I sporadically walk aimlessly around. After getting to yet another brick wall, I stop; gaining my sense of self back. I put both of my hands on the wall and pull out a tape measure where I begin to measure the wall.

Dedicating a portion of my life to feed the savaged beast of bricks, I am worn. My tears, my sweat, my anxiety, and my youth are slowly being drained from my tired catalyst. I gain control and climb up the wall, grabbing whatever resource I can, and hulling my body to new limits. My leg gives out, I keep going. Eventually I reach the top, the exit is just a few feet ahead and the sun begins to peak over the horizon. Though I have found the exit, I like the view from the top of the wall instead. The sight of victory and the feeling of the graceful sun kissing my fair dry skin. After I am rejuvenated of my life, youth, and integrity I am ready to go through the exit thus continuing what is a wonderful journey.

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