Are police protecting us or hurting us?

February 2, 2013
Why was the police department made in the first place? To protect people. So in the newspaper, I read that police arrested a seven year old boy. You might think it was because he beat up someone really badly or he stole 10,000 dollars from someone, but he gets arrested over a little tiff with another boy over five dollars they found on the ground! The average American would be thinking this: ARE YOU KIDDING ME! The little boy had to go in handcuffs to jail where he was interrogated over five dollars! When the mom came to pick him up, he was crying and saying "I didn't do it". Are these the police who will protect us or just plain bullies? also in the newspaper, I read that police who were supposed to arrest immigrants who were coming to America illegally. But 300 wrongful arrests were made to immigrants who came to America legally. And for what reason? Because they get gift cards and bonus checks for every illegal immigrant they get.Most of those wrongfully arrested were from Asian, African, or Caribbean backgrounds. This is racism which adds to the fact that police are being even more bullies and greedy for money. Some don't even know how to handle a situation. i watched at, they give news there, how there were two dogs fighting in a pick-up truck and how did the police solve this problem? They shot the two dogs to death. Great plan if they didn't shoot next to school and got animal control to solve this problem. But their best idea had to be pulling out a gun and shooting the dogs in front of a school! Is this the police that will keep us safe? Or will they be harm to the people unless they change?

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