January 30, 2013
By Faraz Ahmed BRONZE, Solon, Ohio
Faraz Ahmed BRONZE, Solon, Ohio
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It is important for people to imitate others before they can become original and creative. Imitation can be looked down upon by society; however, it is not as bad as it is chalked up to be. Imitation allows people to establish themselves. People have role models and admire them. A person aspires to achieve as much as their idol has done. Imitating a role model is necessary to be original and creative because mimicking allows one to be put in a position to influence others and to build upon qualities of the role model.

Athletes are an everyday example of imitation. Athletes have role models that they look up to while growing up. For example, superstar athlete LeBron James has stated in numerous interviews that he aspired to be like Michael Jordan while growing up. He was influenced by someone who was successful and is considered the greatest of all time. Mimicking Michael Jordan’s game, LeBron has been put into a position where he is an idol for others. He can now show off his creativity, which others can look up to. LeBron James has established himself to the point that others will look up to him. He is in the perfect position to show off his originality and creativity. Imitation has allowed him to be one of the most successful athletes of today, and he is not considered inferior. His talent in the game of basketball is unmatched. The superstar athlete has reached a level where he can display this creative skills.

Great leaders have been influenced by others ideas to influence major changes in society. For example, Martin Luther King Jr. was influenced by the ways of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Martin Luther King Jr. looked to avoid violence and was a pacifist. However, he did not hold back while fighting for the deserving rights of African-Americans. Gandhi executed this idea in India while fighting for independence from Great Britain. Even Gandhi was influenced by the ideas of Henry David Thoreau, who cherished the idea of “Civil Disobedience”. This idea was carried out by Gandhi to stand up to the oppressive government. However, not all methods were exactly the same, and were for slightly different purposes. Each approach had originality and creativity to it. Society should not consider imitation of an idea as inferior, just because it is building off of an existing idea.

I am influenced by Steve Jobs. I like to think outside the box and think of creative ways to present things. I try to pick up great social skills. I like to communicate, which is one thing Jobs was really good at. He could present and market new technology, and that would make a person want to buy the product. I only try to build on the better qualities of Jobs. For example, I know that not many people can make it to the top by dropping out of college after a semester. Jobs was an exception. I try to mimic qualities that I admire about Steve Jobs, but put my own twist on it. This allows me to be creative and original. Just because I imitate certain skills Jobs had, does not mean I am any less original. It is imperative to imitate a role model to pick up qualities that one admires.

In conclusion, imitation of a role model does not take away from originality and creativity. Just because a person aspires to learn great qualities and wants to be like someone else, does not make one less original; the person can then be put in a position to be original and creative. Others would look up to him/her. People may only want certain qualities of a role model. These people can mix and match different characteristics and be a completely original person. To imitate people that have established themselves does not make one inferior. Imitating a role model is necessary to be original and creative because mimicking allows one to be put in a position to influence others and to build upon qualities of the role model. All people are different, and not even the best imitation will take away from originality.

The author's comments:
I always hear people complaining about celebrities who have made it by copying another successful person. Frankly, I do not find anything wrong with trying to be the best you can be. Humans will all like to be successful, and all humans are different. Nothing takes away from originality, not even imitation.

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