January 24, 2013
By GOLD, Manhattan, Kansas GOLD, Manhattan, Kansas
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“Perhaps I write for no one. Perhaps for the same person children are writing for when they scrawl their names in the snow.” - Margaret Atwood

No matter how many times we face it suicide will never make sense to me. I will never be able to comprehend the pain that drives a human being to do something so selfish as to take themselves from the earth and the people they love. While in the midst of the situation, they may see it as the only way out, but the problem is never permanent so why solve it with a solution that is?
How did we miss the signs? How did they not see the pain that would result? How can someone be driven to such an act? Suicide seems to be an act that creates martyrs of its victims when we should truly be appalled by even the thought.
It is sad that we lost someone but is it not also disheartening to realize that they were so selfish as to take it upon themselves to play God? We often have a skewed view when it comes to these things, blaming the antagonist, but, while the antagonist did not help the situation, we should place blame on the committer of the crime, we do not blame the seller of the gun for the murder of the bank teller. I understand that loosing such an influential and wonderful women is hard and sad but I believe that this kind of thing is selfish and uncaring.
While suicide is a problem not to be taken lightly, I must excuse myself from the fad of appraisal. My pity goes not to the "apparent" victim but instead to the real victims; the people left behind. When someone makes a decision that will effect everyone around them, throwing them into the pain that they so desperately wanted to escape, they have honestly made the most incredibly selfish, ignorant, belligerent choice. No matter the positive power that they held once before, they have fallen in my eyes, fallen victim to society's ability to belittle the thought of taking your own life.
Society makes jokes of suicide but I believe that this is never a solution that should be entertained for any predicament, our problems are only temporary, though it might not seem that way now, when you look back after you’ve had kids you will realize that permanence is never the right way to solve a temporary problem.

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My science teacher took her own life. My facebook and twitter feeds are filled with cries of pity for a woman who put joy in my life, smiled every day, then, without any notice or change, did the most selfish act known to man.

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