Gay Marriage: It's like marriage, but it's gay

January 19, 2013
The most commonly cited argument against marriage equality is a phrase from Leviticus (a book in the Bible) saying that two men cannot share the same relationship a man and a woman can. The problem of applying religion to the laws of a nation is too big to face in just one article. I’m sorry (not really) but your religion isn’t a reason for political ideology. Religion in politics is very clearly an invalid argument, given a separation of church and state. The fact that just 9 states allow marriage equality is inexcusable on our part. I’m not even going to consider the religious aspect in this article, because an argument against that would take an article on its own.
Argument #1: Allowing gays to marry in itself is a suicide pact for the planet.

Um, what?

The argument here is that, given the rising percentage of open homosexuals in our society, each generation will start to lose its ability to renew itself, an argument completely at odds with the rising population of homosexuals and the rising birth rate.

You do realize that we reproduce sexually, right? That means, one man, one woman. Homosexuals are physically incapable of reproducing. You can’t breed homosexuals, because homosexuals can’t breed. Don’t see how anyone could not see that.
In fact, one study linked that women who had more children, in other words, liked men more, had more homosexual descendants. Stop homosexuality, stop being promiscuous.

Argument #2: If Gay marriage is legalized, polygamy and bestiality will follow

If gay marriage will lead to polygamy, the logical step is to ban marriage, which obviously spawned gay marriage. Or just get rid of one sex altogether.

The fact that we can ban one kind of marriage to prevent another kind of marriage is like saying we should ban sex because it leads to rape.

Argument #3 Gay Marriage is Immoral

That depends very heavily on your definition of “moral”. Morality considers your impact, positive or negative, on the rest of the population. Since a homosexual relationship is clearly not harming anyone; that argument doesn’t make sense, unless of course your values and morals are based on a book written at the time we thought the Earth was flat.

Argument #4 Homosexuals cannot reproduce; therefore they are contributing nothing to the next generation and are a burden

This point is probably the best one I’ve read so far, in that it is eloquently written and based entirely on objective numbers.

But the article doesn’t address the fact that 65,000 adopted children are raised by LGB parents, and 4% of all adopted children are raised by homosexual parents. On average, it costs $100,000 it typically takes to raise a child until they’re 18, so they are actually saving the state that they live in a lot of money.

In conclusion, homosexual marriage being outlawed in 41 states, has the same amount of logic as banning interracial marriage, which is of course, none.

We’re all homos. Homo sapiens. –Michael Scott

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