January 17, 2013
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Some kids who are bullied and can’t solve their problems may end up committing suicide. It is really sad that kids commit suicide because they are bullied. They think that they can not talk to to anyone. If they did talk to someone about it , it might save their life.

Kids are bullied in different ways. Some of those ways are being shoved in a locker, having their lunch money taken, knocking their books down and pushing them around, and embarrassing them by making fun of them in front of other kids. Thecyberbullyly too.They say you stink or they send embarrassing stuff to everyone about you on email.

Some ways kids can stop bullying is to stand up for themselves, tell somebody like a teacher or another adult. Always try to have friends around so they can help you.The ways to have people to stop bullying you is; have a friend, get an adult, have a witness, and have a bodyguard.
These actions included asking parents or guardians for help, asking other students for help, and asking adults at school for help. All three of these actions worked more often than telling the person to stop. Of course, sometimes asking someone for help didn't make things better- yet many times it did.

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