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January 17, 2013
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First of all, I would like to start off by stating the meaning of “foster”. Receiving, sharing or affording parental care and nurture although not related through legal blood ties. Is that really the reason why you’re in foster care?
There are lots of reasons why kids are in foster care. You might think, “ that makes no sense why that person is in foster care,”others might say something different. Can you imagine not being able to see your siblings from Christmas until the end of the summer? But not just that, also having to only spend 1 week with them, then waiting until Christmas- again.
After foster kids leave foster care, lots of them end up homeless. Some of them become pregnant at young age.
I remember going to a camp called Camp to Belong which is a camp with foster kids who are separated from their brothers and sisters. As I glanced around, curiously and nervously, I began to notice that we’re not alone.There was a family. They were known as the Fernados. The Fernados are always together, being loud, and having the best time together. They have lots of siblings and they get along because they’re grateful for being able to see their brothers and sisters.The one thing that spoils everything is only having one week to spend time with each other. Everyone says they should turn it into a school or at least make it last a month.

Finally, we have David Pelzer. He’s dealt with a lot in life. Especially the DCF system.
He’s been in multiple foster homes with people of different race and personalities. They were all caring people and knowing the life he had while living with his mother they gave him support. His mother abused him, she messed with him physically, emotionally, and mentally. At one point she made him think he was a bad kid after all. He eventually snapped out of it and realized his mother was the evil one.I feel that all the kids now a days are put in foster homes that actually have foster parent’s who care for them and who will support them no matter what happens. David was in this certain foster home and he was taken out of it but he ended up back in that foster home. He stayed there until he was 18. He moved on in life and found a wife and had a son.
My advice is this -- Instead of being mad about being in a situation, you should thank God that your going through something because if you don’t go through something it’s impossible to teach others that are going through the same thing.

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