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January 21, 2013
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People in this world create new ideas every day. The problem is that the government takes control of every little detail, and it doesn’t allow normal citizens to solve problems.

During Stossel’s documentary, he mentions many times about contests people enter to win money and how their ideas are actually better and work better than the governments plan. One example is when there was the BP oil spill and the government did a very poor job of cleaning up the oil. Then somebody hosted a competition, and the contestants did a better job cleaning up a mass oil spill than the government, with their own ideas and own machines that they made.

The government takes away many opportunities that Americans could and want to have. The government thinks they can do anything, but according to the American people, “No they can’t”. Americans all over the United States have to pay for unnecessary features and ideas. One example is Missouri University. Missouri has a spa and resort inside of their campus for students to use and to workout in. The spa and resort includes a pool, spa, hot tub, gym, and workout machines.

I believe that the spa and resort inside of Missouri University is very overrated and not useful. The reason Missouri even has the spa and resort to begin with is because of competition. If Missouri doesn’t have anything “fun” to do then students will decide to go to a different University because of their non circular activities they offer.

But why does the extra circular activity matter? Not all schools are going to have a wave pool and workout facility, that stuff is just a bonus. If you want to go to college, then pick the school on an educational basis.

Other stuff you don’t know about Missouri and other competing Universities is that you have to pay more if you want those extra activities and if you don’t need the extra activities than you don’t need to pay extra.

Americans have such great ideas and many of them will never be presented due to the government regulating all sorts of ideas. During Stossel’s video, there was a competition on who could make the most economical car.

The competition was held and the best car produced was able to have 126 miles per gallon. All the cars could’ve been put on the assembly line, but instead the government has their own ideas and wants to do it their way, with their cars.

Another point in the video was the government controlling the airport security. The government hired a group called TSA to do all the screening and checking bags for airports. When they did a research on TSA, the TSA workers missed many objects that should’ve been found and not allowed on to the plane.

The point of the experiment was to show that normal people not working for the government would’ve done a better job of detecting and finding the non wanted objects.

All in all, the government ruins many companies and many ideas due to the regulations they have on everything. The government needs to realize that they can’t do whatever they want and whenever they want. The American people want more opportunities and more chances to show that they can do more than what the government gives us.

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