January 10, 2013
By Goalychik BRONZE, Smart, Hawaii
Goalychik BRONZE, Smart, Hawaii
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Stereotyping is wrong. It is the most annoying thing when someone says something like “Everyone from the South is religious.” No, actually that is not true. It is also wrong to stereotype people by their gender, race or age. Not all girls like the color pink, and not all boys like football. Just because someone has black skin does not make them an African-American. They could be Jamaican or from some other country. People automatically think that “black” is a negative word. Actually, it is the technical name of the race. People say African-American instead of black because they think they are being “politically correct.” When, in all reality, it is not correct. “Listen to your parents…they know what’s best for you.” “Don’t let your kids trick you…they are up to something.” Yeah, because that is true in EVERY CASE having to do with adults and children. An adult could be very shy and anti-social with no experience of the world outside their front door. A child could say that they want to go to a friend’s house to study. Yes, they want to study. Parents and adults should not automatically think that they are going over to have a party. Another stereotype that really sets me on edge is about guns. JUST BECAUSE YOU OWN A GUN DOES NOT MAKE YOU A PYSCHO SERIAL KILLER!!!!!! I own two guns because I like hunting. I like shooting for target practice. I have the right to protect my home. On another note, a typical stereotype is that all Indians are smart and always get A’s. Sure many of them are very smart, but they may not always get A’s and some aren’t really that smart. Another typical “old-school” stereotype is that “white men can’t jump.” This is referring to white men playing basketball and not being able to jump high enough to dunk the ball. Another racial stereotype against white men is that white men can’t dance. Stereotyping is also bad for people’s health, decisions, and work. "Past studies have shown that people perform poorly in situations where they feel they are being stereotyped," says Associate Professor of Psychology Michael Inzlicht

( All in all, stereotyping is wrong and should be stopped.

The author's comments:
This is a social issue that I am concerned about.

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