Judging people

January 10, 2013
Never judge a book by its cover. Ever heard that saying? You probably have! Judging people is very common. Everywhere you go, anywhere you go, you will be judged. Whether it is simply just on your beliefs, your looks, who you hang out with, your personality or your actions, etc., humans have a tendency to set an impression or stereotypes on people—even if they have never even met the person before. It is nature that people make a judgment about a person based on their first impressions. This is not fair; in fact, not fair at all. In my opinion, I strongly believe that people are their own person, their own creation. There is no “perfect being,” or “common person.” If people decide that there is, who are they to decide that?

Why is America so judgmental? It feels like everything I do, everything I think, is judged. Why? Just because it is a “unique” or “different” or “weird” idea, doesn’t mean that they are judged for their odd personality and thoughts. Do you expect the whole world to have the same idea? That’s what makes each country the way they are. The colorful thoughts. Imagine this, if there was a war to be taken place, you and your army would need to prepare with a strategic plan and will need to create short term “battle” plans, which are short term goals to succeed in this war. To outrun the opponent, one must establish a plan that is creative and has thinking. With this data, we can refer back to the thought of saying things that are “odd.” Being different makes you SHINE. “The urge to be the same all eats up the individuality in a person,” says Dr. Tim Serato, a famous doctor known to analyze teens and the way they think. “They feel like it is a crime to be weird,” he explains. I agree with him wholeheartedly. Stop the judging.

People really need to understand the effects of judging people. Georgia, a tenth grade girl who showed impressive knowledge and creativity, attempted to commit suicide. She was almost in every single club/activity and was in every single honors class available. She had an immense future ahead of her that was quite bright, but all of her peers were very disturbed by her and didn’t admire her. In fact, they thought she was a nerd and judged that she was very poor because she wore abhorrent clothes. Georgia didn’t put much thought into what she wore because it didn’t matter to her what others thought about her clothing. Every day, people would call her names and would tease her. Finally, one day, she attempted to commit suicide to end the predicament. Her mother stopped her; however, if she hadn’t rescued her in time, her life would’ve ended.

See what judging does?
Many more haven’t been lucky on having someone stop them, and have just gone through with killing themselves. You might not know that it can be this serious—but it can. That’s why this needs to end. Now. “5% of high school students attempt suicide based on judging,” Patrick Ogston claims from research.

Judging people has affected the way we live in our everyday life. One person can be a little overweight, and can be judged that she is fat, unhealthy and obese. The next day she can get an eating disorder and start to purge to try to become skinny—almost underweight in an unhealthy, almost harmful way. Why? What was the need to put your thought into her body? Especially saying this thought out loud? You may not realize the negative into saying this one little statement and you may just forget about it the next day. But what about the others? Huh? You may not have thought about them , and their situation. That girl you called ugly yesterday tried to kill herself and overdosed. This changed her life—se isn’t a good student that is healthy anymore. That one statement you said, changed her. The way she thought, her actions, her personality, her mood, everything. Stop the judging. At least if you care for others.

“This country would be much more far ahead than other countries if people didn’t judge,” predicts Isabella Steller. For example, if you thought that someone’s idea was very “deep” and too “nerdy” and smart, they won’t come up with those types of ideas because of what you said. STOP IT!

Though judging people is very common and almost everyone does it, it needs to stop. Right now.

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