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December 15, 2012
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I’m not talking about a person or anyone special, I’m talking about a place, really close to my heart, a place I care about more than I care about my own life. My country, my motherland, PAKISTAN.

Today, if we take a look at what’s going on in Pakistan, the conditions are worse than they ever were. People have started disowning their own country, they’ve started moving out of Pakistan, actually saying, ‘We can no more live in Pakistan because of the extremely bad conditions, we just can’t survive.’ What does this statement show? This clearly shows that people have given up hope on everything related to Pakistan. They’re being negative thinking that things won’t go back to normal, there will be no peace? This shows how weak the people are, this shows how people are not willing to do anything for their own country, and thus, they decide to move out.

There are many major issues in Pakistan, which have not yet been solved nor is the government doing anything to help solve those issues. Terrorism is one of the MAJOR issues. People of Pakistan are being targeted in every way possible. They are being accused of terrorism even if it’s not their doing. Drone attacks are taking place every day, more than 5000 people die in those drone attack. The Shia Muslims are being killed every day. Killings take place every day. Innocent lives are being taken away and yet, the government of Pakistan has failed to do anything about it, there is no proper security for the people, and nothing is even close to perfect. These are some extreme cases and I believe that we, the people can’t do much about it, except… just pray for the betterment.

The whole population is under a financial crisis, the industries and factories have been shut down, and there is a high rate of unemployment. The prices of the bare necessities have reached the sky; a normal person cannot afford to buy food for his family.

Yes, all of these problems exist in your country and we’re sick of it, even a two year old today knows what’s going on, there’s depression everywhere, people are dying of hunger and terrorism, the prices of everything from wheat to fuel are more than what a normal person can afford… Everything is in the worst possible condition and we think that all of this is only happening in Pakistan. The only reason we think this way is because everything is highlighted more than it should be. In other countries, let’s take our neighboring country India as an example, if something really bad happens obviously it’s shown on the news, everyone gets to know about it, but it’s not the BREAKING NEWS for the whole day, all the problems are taken care of quickly, instead of prolonging them.

You might think that there’s nothing to be proud of after talking and looking at all the problems that are being faced in our country Pakistan, but I am a Proud Pakistani and will always be one, till the day I die. Pakistan is not only a story of corruption. Our youngsters are going all around the world proving that Pakistani’s are not only corrupt, they are great minds, they have great talent and that they are proud to be a Pakistani no matter what happens. Our talented youngsters are topping worldwide, with the best grades, best performances. Isn’t this something we should be proud of? Shouldn’t we have a positive approach so we have a better Pakistan, instead of just spreading negativity where ever we go? Arfa Karim, our young hero, she was the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional. She completed the Microsoft program at the age of 9. She is the pride of Pakistan. She gifted us with her brilliance and today, Pakistan has the fastest growing IT industry. Our students have been winning the international competitions. One of the students who represented Pakistan won a silver medal in an international competition. Young debaters from Pakistan won the World Debating Championship in Mexico. ISN’T THIS SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF? Mohsin Ali, a person who worked at the “Tandoor” has managed to top in B.A. Another child who used to pick up garbage from the streets managed to top all over Pakistan. Students in the universities, especially the upcoming engineers are creating new methods of production, new technologies. Etc. All of this is simply amazing, but what we actually need is a positive approach. Once we’re positive about whatever’s happening around us, I can guarantee a better and excellent Pakistan.

Be proud of what you are, be proud of where you are, be positive, live life and love Pakistan. I’m not saying I’m perfect, at times I also end up saying really stupid stuff about my own country and that’s because everyone’s so frustrated. Frustration has taken over everyone’s happiness, yes, I agree. This is something we need to finish with a good, positive thinking. We all say bad stuff about everything going on, but deep down we don’t mean it. We might even say we meant it, but you can’t hate your own motherland. Quaid- e- Azam, created Pakistan for a reason and that reason was for us to have a separate homeland and do what we like without being ruled by someone else. His motto was UNITY, FAITH AND DISCIPLINE. If we stand for and go according to this motto, we will definitely become a nation, which will be known for being the best at everything!

Pakistan is what completes me, it completes all of us. We all know that without Pakistan we will be nothing, nothing at all. Pakistan is ours and it is our duty to get it back to right path and with just a little more effort and positivity Pakistan will be exactly how we want it to be.

Be Positive.
Live life.
Love Pakistan because;

I'm not just the story of bombs, poverty & corruption.

I'm Edhi's philanthropy.
I'm Arfa Karim's brilliance.
I'm Afridi's exuberance.
I'm Miandad's sixes.

I'm Nusrat fateh's vocal chords.

I'm fastest growing IT industry.
I'm in four weathers.
I've 2nd highest mountain.
I've 8 of 20 highest peaks.
I'm the 7th nuclear power.
I'm 4th nation to build cruise missiles.
I've the largest salt mine.
I broke Soviet Union.
I'm hospitality.
I'm epitome of resilience.
I'm one of the few bravest nations of world.
Yes, I'm Pakistan!
Please spread optimism instead of negativity about me.

Sincerely, Pakistan.

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