Overcoming Challenges

January 2, 2013
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Some days you just don’t feel like getting out of bed or even waking up. Whether the stress of school is too much or your personal life just isn’t going the way you want. Every child growing up feels these troubles and experiences the stresses that come along with them. Some deal with them differently and decide that they can’t beat the troubles they feel. They decide it has all been too much and that their life is no longer worth living. Challenges are everywhere and no matter what is thrown in your way all kids must remember that their life is always worth living.

As always having been a smaller guy at school I’ve always had to deal with being nervous about things. Whether it’s afraid of the rejection of girls or never knowing how sports would go. Surprisingly school hasn’t been any type of a challenge. One of the main reasons is humor, I love to make people laugh and manage to bring a smile to someone’s face. Humor is incredibly effective, you could be any shape, size, or color but anyone can laugh or make someone else laugh. When looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend being funny is an automatic attraction. People worry too much about what’s on the outside and not the charisma or personality of someone.

School is a huge stress to everyone, and I want to tell you out there it’s not that difficult if you just focus. Sure essays and tests are always lingering and I realize there’s an incredible amount of other distractions within school, but if you’re willing to put in the time and effort you can get an incredible amount of confidence and that will relive even more of the stress in your life. It’s like a giant domino effect, one good deed or action can lead to an endless amount of others. Sometimes you feel like you can’t do it all yourself and that’s where others come into play, while you may feel alone there is always someone that loves you and wants to help you succeed or do what you want in life.

Dealing with personal problems is also stressful. Your parents could be in a time of disagreement, you’re being bullied, the gender you like isn’t seen as “normal”, or you and your best friend are looking through different glasses, there will always be greener pastures and new friends or even sometimes new parents will appear. You can’t let those types of things get you down as you never know who or what you will begin to love and cherish. Everything gets better even when it seems like your world is crumbling.

When those guns, pills, or knives stare at you and tempt your fate in life, you must always remember what is killing yourself going to help? Challenges may be everywhere but people love you and will spiral into exactly what you felt if you’re gone. Before you or someone else takes their life, let yourself or them know you only live once, as cheesy as it is and overused it has now become its incredibly true. Make your life something special instead of moping around that things aren’t quite going the way you planned, get back on your horse and make things happen.

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