Within our minds

December 23, 2012
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The insanity that we all do have but clearly of varying levels, has proved to be the allowance of the human race to charge at the fierce life that we all have to countenance. But is it worth it to stand strong yet at the conclusion there still is the pain that we have to suck in and embrace with the limited patience that lies within our hearts?
Yes indeed it is a long and intricate query that seems to have no answer but how I believe that all this is just a simple portrait of what awaits beyond this basic dimension that we exist in.
But with all this in our minds it still worries me that the many who live in these dangerous times show no concern for the fact that it really is vital to learn that contemplation for how to live in the upcoming era. But what else are we to do but embrace the difference of how our minds are structured and it really does give the hope that the development that is so much desired really is not an impossibility! There is hope beyond our cognition and hence the fact that our lives are far much interesting!! There is reason to live and to have the faith that is so much advocated for! All this in the minds that make us be as we are!

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SuporGoudSkilllz said...
Jan. 3, 2013 at 2:15 pm
I noticed that you made several errors in just about every sentence you wrote, which i found incredibly distracting from your article. Then again, your article didn't have much point, either. You just said our minds  are different.
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