Green Revolution and the Forthcoming Jeopardy

December 7, 2012
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Avatar@avatar BRONZE, Kochi, Other
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'A small step for man, a great step for mankind'

How many hours did we spent in cultivating our crops? Instead of answering it we would rather walk towards a fridge or a nearby shop. But ask this question to our forefathers -they would answer to my question middling like this "we spent more time in fields against the time we spent in a school, office or a factory." And if we dug deeper into our ancestor tree we can see that; as the level we gets deeper there would get a firm answer for the major occupation "Agriculture". Because till 10,000 B.C people were nomadic, they wandered here and there in search for food and shelter, Ate raw fruits and vegetables and started to hunting animals for food. By the time they learned to cultivate crops, by using simple stick like implement called plow. And thus the word 'Agriculture' started its beginning. And now it has arrived to the present, after the generations passing it towards us with care and preserving the traditions and the help of time and technology that led to different ideas, inventions, knowledge and discovery and each discovery/invention lead to another and it connected billions. However in this advancing world, food is getting more expensive and insufficient.

In 1950's, as we kept our legs walking forward to the future the agriculture developed and as a part of it, agriculture got a boost from the new chemicals that controlled insects-weeds-diseases and plant breeders which developed more productive varieties of grains. The new improved crops and framing techniques led to higher yields and it became to know as the Green Revolution. To satisfy the hunger needs of the fast growing population of 1950's, it was a rescuer. And we still use it benefits today.

To feed the predicted 9 billion people of 2050's, the hands of Green Revolution is not capable to fill the tummies of them. And we should be aware of this because its symptoms are visible. But thanks to Science for Gene Revolution as the invention when the scientists realized that all genes are written under the universal language of DNA, which can help both hungry humanity and sensitive environment by creating genetically modified crops by using biotechnology(BT) and it can potentially produce more food with fewer chemicals and higher nutritional value. It is a boom, especially Africa; most framers are women how spend half of their time in weeding. However some people worry about unforeseen problems which stated it as not safe. It mainly erupts from the test runs which have conducted on BT eggplant, corn and cotton. The general fear is about any adverse human health effects in the long run because scientists are trying to take advantages of toxin produced by selected bacterium, generally known as BT, ruptures the intestines of the organisms when it is ingested. The pests typically die within two to three days of ingestion of toxins. In the verge of 2050's when the hunger needs of billions are at stake, it is up to the decision of the government agencies to test products enough and whether corporate profit motives to outweigh safety concerns of common. At there who will win, Government, corporate, people or science? By producing a revolution which can be safer than BT crops which is produced by Genes. Trial and error tests are going on, several companies have developed BT crops and it is subjected to various tests to determine whether it is safe. New ideas are arising like planting BT crop along with so-called "refuge" crops. As this is a risky business, GM crops are regulated from the beginning. The safeguard requirement requires permits and testing pests and herbicide-resistant crops and it is researching the potential problem of the super weeds and the super bugs. The regulating agencies generally look at the "Product, not process it” judges a plants nutrients, not the process used to make genetic engineering. Companies must submit their detailed information of field tests of GM crops to the regulating authority before introducing a new GM food. How will be the rescuer or the world end before knowing that? To answer my questions the clocks which show us time should wind it to the time of 2050 A.D.

The author's comments:
famine struck us often, as population increases famine struck the worst.

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amelia said...
on Jan. 3 2013 at 10:05 am
many of us who are fortunate to have meals tree times a day, but we refuse due our ego and arrogance , i think that after reading this article one many change his/her opinion about food


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