Why some teenagers drop out of school

November 29, 2012
By Remitra BRONZE, Subang Jaya, Other
Remitra BRONZE, Subang Jaya, Other
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In an era of smart phones and multiple social networking sites, it is no doubt that teenagers are faced with the challenge of juggling between studies and social life. The future leaders of the country undergo changes, mentally and physically. This may result in, a difference in the pattern of their schooling life. As they are in a phase where they mature to become young adults, teenagers are caught in between the conflict of wanting the freedom to make their own decisions and also still being dependent on their parents for basic needs. Hence, there are some cases in where teenagers are unable to handle the process of ‘growing up’ and ruin their lives to the extent of dropping out of school. The major factors that lead to an adolescent’s dropping out of school is, disciplinary problems, peer pressure and stress levels that are out of control.

First and foremost, let us tackle disciplinary problems. As I mentioned earlier, it is the teenage years where an individual develops his character. However, he or she fails to realise that, ethics and mannerisms are the vital ingredients in the ‘secret recipe’ of success. Raging hormones and mood swings take control of the teenager and he acts as he wishes. Therefore, negative attitude earns him a bad track record in school which may further lead to being expelled or he himself skipping lessons to rebel against the system. It is crucial for a teenager to adopt a good behavior.

Not only that, a very common cause in a teenager dropping out of school is due to peer pressure. A friend is a person who has a great influence in people from all walks of life; especially teenagers. It is in the hands of a friend to mould a youth. Thus, it depends whether the friend does justice to his role or spoils his buddy rotten. In many cases, those who drop out of school are actually ‘possessed’ indirectly by their peers. They are forced voluntarily to follow the footsteps of their friends. Well, it is advisable for all teenagers to choose a friend who will help them achieve their goals.

Last but not least, it is a proven fact that a teenager who does not know how to handle stress, might slack in classroom performance and eventually drop out of school. The reason behind it, the victim of stress is not prudent enough to win over his master. We all have stress. It is how one overcomes it or learns to cope with it. For those teenagers who drop out of school because they find studying or schooling life too challenging and stressful, it is a pure waste. They ought to battle stress as soon as possible.

In a nutshell, the number of teenagers dropping out of school is increasing by the day. It is time the teenagers themselves took action according to situation. Nobody else could play a more effective role than the teenager himself. Only he can determine his future.

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