Students’ Futures Determine USA Success

November 30, 2012
By Tayler McCormack BRONZE, Delafield, Wisconsin
Tayler McCormack BRONZE, Delafield, Wisconsin
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November 8, 2012
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,
Northwest Washington, DC 20500
Dear Mr. President,
My first decision was in kindergarten. I needed to decide whether to follow my Mom’s directions and eat my sandwich first or go straight for my cookie. And since that day, I have been faced with decisions upon decisions. As I grow up, I realize the decisions I make will have a substantial impact upon my future. I use the knowledge I have been taught at home, but most importantly, I use the knowledge I was taught in school to make the right choices. Not only the things that were taught using textbooks and pencils, but also the people within the school, taught me morals, values, and right from wrong. For the rest of my life, I will face decisions. And in making decisions, I will remember back to my schooling, and know without these critical years the right decision wouldn’t be so obvious.

“No Child Left Behind” truly will determine the future of our country. Funding education makes the future of our country. By giving each child a chance to have a decent education from the very start is essentially giving each child a chance to become a strong, independent individual later on in life.

The funding should start with each student’s direct education and stretch all the way to the administrations salaries. Each student should have the same chance to have an education that will carry them all the way through high school. Starting with elementary school, when NCLB was passed in 2002 it stated that a program called “Reading First” was going to be enacted. The program would help to prepare students from an early age to become proficient readers. This program was taken away soon after in budget cuts. Taking away the funding to this, but then still requiring tests to make sure students are proficient readers is absurd. Money given to schools that will go to new and innovated technology will improve each child. According to the Center for Applied Research in Educational Technology, “Technology improves student performance when the application directly supports the curriculum objectives being assessed.” If the teachers and students were educated on how to use the technology it is proven that it will improve performance. If extra funding is given to schools for the faculty, it will help to keep each teachers motivated and driven to turn their job into more than just a seven to four work day. This passion will help teachers to help their students reach their full potential. This reasoning is supported by the law that was passed in Wisconsin stating that teachers cannot have a raise greater than the rate of inflation. When these teachers know that no matter what they do, their salary will never increase is a disappointing outlook.
Students are our country’s future¬¬--the police men that will be keeping us safe, the doctors that will be keeping us healthy, and even the future president of the United States that will be helping us economically. Not funding education is taking one significant step in the wrong direction. I would not be the person I am today, making the decisions I have made, without the education that I have received. The decision is up to you... what will you choose?
Tayler McCormack

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