A Little Goes A Long Way

November 24, 2012
By dysfuntellect DIAMOND, Yorktown, Virginia
dysfuntellect DIAMOND, Yorktown, Virginia
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Technology. The main reason why instead of praying before a meal, we check our cellular devices. Where we worship the high charge of batteries and the magical spot of WiFi instead of a higher power called, religion. Think about it. Would our ancestors be proud? Some might say yes, but in my opinion, no. Why is that, you might ask? I say no because in their time, they had no WiFi, or television, or electricity. They had newspapers, street games, and candles. We have cars, they had feet or bicycles! Did you know that they had less pollution than us? Hmmm....I wonder why.... Maybe it's because people today are psycho egomaniacs! Maybe it's because of our lack of respect for our elder civilizations! We cause oil spills, and produce plastic bottles, and we don't even bother to make our own compost because apparently its too "gross" for our generation. We spend so much time relying on uncertain exponentials that our progress of communication is dying. What is this world?! We text the person next to us, when we're outside instead of ringing the doorbell, spend uneccessary money on uneccessary materials. It's so...materialized. We basically don even have a life! We have racism and idolism and health problems, what is wrong with humanity?! Gas prices rising?! It used to be 50 cents!!! The problem is our consumer sovereignty. We choose obesity over fitness because it's "easier". But if you take that route, it isn't going to be easy for long. That's why I suggest for our generation to make a change. Because what I've learned is that, "a little goes a long way."

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