People, Society, and Loneliness

November 13, 2012
By Tyler Frankenberger BRONZE, Franklin, Pennsylvania
Tyler Frankenberger BRONZE, Franklin, Pennsylvania
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Teens experience loneliness in the following ways: bullying, peer pressure, lack of self-confidence, and relationships. Teens are bullied by emotions, because if people keep making fun of you, and that can hurt how someone thinks of themselves. Another way bullying affects people is by cyber bullying. What a person posts on Facebook about the person or pictures about them, and putting hurtful captions. Peer pressure causes loneliness by how your friends act or treat you. Like say you do not want to do whatever your friends are, and they treat you like crap and will not talk to you, because you didn’t do what they did or what they wanted you to do. Having lack of self-confidence is another type of loneliness, because it because you to be shy, not want to participate in any activities like during school or after school. Relationships and teens can also cause loneliness; you could be too afraid to walk up to a girl/boy and try to get to know them. Or ever ask them out.
Loneliness in people is caused by, how a person is treated at work or at the store. You do not have to be just in school to experience loneliness, because adults have to face every day as well such as in college if they chose to go there and if they do any activities like help with a sports program.
People feel lonely in their heart and brain. They feel in their heart, because if they tried to talk to someone or told someone their feeling, the person just ignores them, or doesn’t even take what they said into consideration. How they can feel lonely in their brain, is that what they might think of me if I walk up and talk to them.
Society can isolate people through religious views, political views, and physical appearance. Isolation by religion can be caused by different beliefs. For example, if you believe in god and someone else doesn’t, you may make fun of them believing in something else. Another way they can isolate you is what your political standings are. If you are democrat, republican, or independent, you may be viewed differently. Another major issue is physical appearance is what race you are, also what language you speak or if you shudder or slur in you r speech.
I believe it is possible to feel lonely in a community. You can feel lonely in a community by how you isolate yourself. I also feel that you can become lonely any size community. Ways that you can feel lonely in a little community are: it’s smaller, so the word or rumor travels faster than it would in a bigger community. Also they take everybody else’s word over yours, like if it’s true they might deny it but they should still listen to both sides of the story, not just the person spreading it. If you are in a bigger community not everyone knows you, so you feel like either you are left out or just too shy to go up and talk to someone new.

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