Embrace your natural sexuality

November 15, 2012
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“A sex symbol becomes a thing. I hate being a thing.” In a society that shuns sexuality as inappropriate and unnatural, Marilyn Monroe once became an icon for women throughout America and all over the world. She changed the outlook of many, demonstrating that sexuality is indeed natural and should be embraced by women.
Her acts have long since been forgotten.
Teenagers and sex, is an awkward and frequently ignored topic of discussion. But why should we ignore, and why do we ignore it? Simply because of the fact that today’s society deems sex as a teenager to be “inappropriate”, “unnatural”, and “perverted.” When in fact, it is the exact opposite of unnatural, and appropriateness, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.
No humans being ever deserves to be judged for the sexual things, or lack of, that they perform. Not even a teenager. Whether or not somebody is comfortable with being sexually active or with whom, it is their body and they may decide what they want to do with it. Of course- safe sex is great sex, right? Especially as a teenager safe sex is very important, obviously preventing STD’s and teen pregnancy. If you’re being safe though, there shouldn’t be a problem with what a teenager chooses to do with their own body.
Let’s take a time traveling trip back to the Medieval Times, when life spans were shorter almost by half and becoming a mother meant being 15 years old and pregnant. But it was normal. Until medicines and vaccinations were invented, thus expanding the human life span, it was never unusual for teenage women to have children and in fact it was expected of them. Once puberty hits, the body is designed to have children, thus making teen’s desire sex.
It is completely natural for the teenage body to yearn for sex. Take your sexuality- gay, straight, bi, lesbian, and flaunt it. Whether you are sexually active or not, never feel scared to talk to your friends or parents about sex. It’s only natural. After all, animals do it, too.

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