The Death of our Generation

October 29, 2012
By JakeNeal SILVER, Woodland Park, Colorado
JakeNeal SILVER, Woodland Park, Colorado
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There are many problems concerning our generation such as keeping stickers on our hats or how some people were flip flops to formal events. However the problem I see that is the most harmful to our generation is Nutella. Some may argue that our generation’s biggest problem is our general lack of communication skills due to texting, or that we have all just become lazy due to our government not stepping in to save the day somehow. Even though Nutella may just seem like another popular sandwich that our generation now craves. I think it has become more than that.

The peanut butter and jelly sandwich used to be a staple in American children’s diet. Now it is being replaced by this hazelnut imposter. According to researchers at Yale University, studies have shown that Nutella could indirectly be related to cancer in some way. Further studies will be needed. Yet another strike against Nutella is that it’s ruining an American tradition. No longer do children come home from a hard day of school and ask for a good old Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It has now been replaced by this new era sandwich, which is slowly destroying all that America stands for by brainwashing children into thinking that Nutella is somehow better than the classic PB and J. Moreover with this new fad, our generation is becoming more dependent on this Nutella sandwich. This has lead to an addition in our generation unfortunately. Even with efforts to rehabilitate patients back into society with organizations like NA (Nutella Anonymous) we still can’t seem to stop this outbreak that can and will lead to our generations’ destruction as a whole.

Clearly this Nutella scandal is the most prominent issue in today’s headlines. Even our elections this year is revolved on what stance our future president will take on this hazard to America. We still have time to eradicate this evil from our society, but the time to act is now or America will go down a dark path to destruction.

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