The Concept of Opposites

October 29, 2012
By RhinoSaurusRexPlease GOLD, Kapolei, Hawaii
RhinoSaurusRexPlease GOLD, Kapolei, Hawaii
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It's contradicting how people say that they don't believe in love, and yet they hate. It's quite impossible, I think, to claim to hate someone so much when there's no such thing as the complete opposite. If you didn't know what love was, how could you know what hate is? Similarly, if love failed to exist, how could hate survive as well? There's always a clear balance in life, no matter how you look it. There's a battle between good and evil where the good may win and dominate, but evil still persists. You can't imagine to erase it entirely. I mean, if so, then how exactly would we learn anything? I'm a religious person, a young woman of faith. I believe God gives us trials to teach us to eventually differentiate joy from overwhelming sorrow and pain, although I know that isn't His only purpose. He loves us, no matter how you see it. Loved us enough to give us life, loves us enough to offer us death. Like the balance of love and hate, good and evil, there is also a balance between life and death. Life is exalting, it's exuberant, but painful. Death is depressing, increasingly sad, but peaceful. In life there are trials, stress, worry, and meaning. In death there is rest, relaxation, and nothingness. In my opinion, death isn't at all as painful as it seems. In movies or books, they define it as a painful process, as it seems. Although I obviously haven't died yet, I think it's less than all that glamor. It's more scary to imagine life gone. Death awakens fear, the courage to live has gone. Until it's cold hands grip our throats and hearts, we're really just so afraid that it hurts to breathe until we breathe no more. Then, it's more of a relief. Life is worse than death. Another concept could be like light and dark. The light illuminates everything within it's path, whereas darkness consumes everything around it. The day versus the nighttime. I'm afraid of the dark, honestly. It's the thought of not knowing what awaits me within it's overbearing shadow. The light is more open and sincere. It reveals my fears in their modest disguise and makes it easier to be courageous in my time of need and fear. I'd like to relate that back to loving and hating. Most girls believe love doesn't exist, mostly because they haven't experienced it's full effect. I don't think guys put much thought to it, mostly using it to snare vulnerable young women within their grasps. Thankfully, not all people are like that. I think with age wisdom awakens within us. Love does, in fact, exist. I think love is like the light. It's bright and open, illuminating all and hiding none in deep shadow. Hatred is dark and of the Devil. It's not one to be cradled within our hearts. Hatred is deceitful, really. We don't really know what belies us in its bosom. It's a mystery. In families, that's where love is supposed to grow, but if not, then it is where God resides.

I love, I hate, I laugh, I cry. I don't like to hate, but sometimes I'm human. I'd love to be more than that someday, to see past the dark, death, and evil. I'd love to live within the light of good and love. Where ever your beliefs stand, why, that's where the heart is.

The author's comments:
I thought of how much I hated someone because of the fact I loved them so much that it hurt.

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