When And When People Ask A Simple Question, "Are You Goth?"

October 24, 2012
So I am in about the second month of my last year in the same town I have now lived in for about six years or so, and yet I still get students who come up to me and ask a question that seems pretty easy to answer, "Are you a goth?"

Now me personally I would look at this person with the most significant face I could muster up and tell them plain and simply "Yes, I am a goth". But there are some people (my friends) who will either a) jokingly blow up in that persons face and then turn around and say "hey I was just joking I don't mind you asking me about it, and yes I am indeed a goth" or b) try to get this person so scared of them that they will have to worry if they should sleep with one eye open or not.

It's doesn't really matter how you handle that question being asked, all that should be said is a simple yes or no. Really that is what the question is, a simple yes or no question. Don't take it personally, it's just other's curiosity that's getting the better of them.

In reality, people question the strange and unusual. That is why they came up with the show TABOO, showing the world why people and cultures are different and why they do the kind of stuff that seems weird and unnatural such as people getting piercings or tattoos or stuff more in-deft such as drugs and animal killings or rituals. We don't know why they do it or why it needs to be done so we will generally be curious about it and ask why.

Same goes with subcultures and the people who are in them. People int the same subculture and different from everyone else and will ask the simple question why to each other. Such as "Why do you think so and so when out with him and that?" It's just natural.

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