The Stone Age

October 23, 2012
By Kiki_XOXO BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
Kiki_XOXO BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Believe it or not, the stone industry is very important to our society. Without it, life would be much more difficult than it is today. Just ask Scott Stevens, COO of a company called Tenax. Tenax specializes in manufacturing sealants for anything made out of stone with their variety of products. Stevens gave The Cavalier Collector many reasons why the stone industry is so significant. Here are just a few.

Stone is used in everyday living - just think about cooking. Cooking appliances such as bowls, plates, even ovens are sometimes made from stone for our use.

Roads and streets also have a layer of stone underneath what is visible to us. We are able to use modern transportation just because of the existence of these sturdy rocks.

One big way that we take advantage of stone is home decorations such as kitchen countertops. Granite and other types of stone countertops are very popular these days, and without them, we would have to think of another substance that is just as endurable and beautiful.

Have you ever been to an art museum and seen sculptures? Have you ever sculpted? A huge chunk of the percentage of sculptures are made from stone, so that we can marvel at its beauty

Of course, stone is also used for value. Precious gems are either kept for its beauty or sold for its money, but either way, I think that most people can agree that stone is a beautiful resource from Mother Nature.

These examples are why the stone industry is so important, but often taken for granted. Right now, Brazil is doing a great job of producing stone because of its natural resources. However, due to the lack of resources and abundance of sand, Florida is not able to produce the amount of sand as other places. The next time you see your kitchen countertops or other stone items, be thankful that you live in an area where you can have access to it.

When two brothers Alberto and Igino Bombana decided to open up their own business around 56 years ago in 1956, it started off very small and grew bigger and bigger and bigger until they became the leader of the stone industry business as they are today. Tenax now has companies in 96 different countries and 260 employees, nearing the amount of different countries that McDonald’s is in (123).

Since Tenax works with ‘everything that includes stone without the stone itself’, we asked Stevens to elaborate. He said, “We have products that make stone look shinier, products to hold it together, and products to preserve it as much as possible.” He also mentioned a new item that will soon be released. “It’s called Glaxs,” Stevens told us, “And it holds stone in place. For example, it’s supposed to attach countertops to the structure that holds it up.” Glaxs is supposed to help Tenax reach further than it already is.

I think we can all agree that the stone industry is very significant to our society, but everyone has different opinions about how we should take advantage of it. Should we use it for home decorating and personal pleasure or use it to meet our needs like paving roads?
Think About it: What would our world be like without it?

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I was assigned to write a business article in my Journalism class, but ended up having a lot of fun writing this.

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