The Sixth Sense is Dying

October 12, 2012
By Anonymous

In today’s world, technology has become the main form of communication and in particular, text messaging has become the top form of communication, especially in teenagers. Although it has its perks, like faster communication, and being able to communicate when convenient, texting is mostly detrimental to our generation.

While texting, teenagers tend shorten their sentences, not use punctuation, and spell things completely wrong. According to the University of Alabama studies, 66% of students carry over texting habits such as spelling and grammar to their everyday writing. Since our generation texts more than they do write, they are then killing their sense of grammar, or their sixth sense as some people say. Not only is texting killing the world of grammar and correct spelling, it is now beginning to make the world socially awkward. Within the dimension of texting, a new dimension not known to other generations, no one is making confrontational conversations, ultimately, making them loose their sense of social cues and corrupting their speaking ability. Therefore, texting should be kept to a minimum, otherwise our generation will forget how to talk completely in the near future.

Through texting, teenagers are loosing their sense of social cues and forgetting how to write completely. If this fast spreading “texting epidemic” doesn’t come to a halt, the entire world is going to be mute within a few years. So lets stop texting, and keep our ability to speak!

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