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How 9/11 Changed Everything

I’m going to tell you about the day that pretty much changed present-day America. It was the day of 9/11. 9/11 changed everything. It changed the world, showing how strong the United States really was. It changed the United States, showing us fear, but also courage of doing what is right, no matter the price. Finally, it changed people. It changed you. In this little writing, I will tell you how 9/11 changed everything….

The world is strong, capable of many things, but through all that, there is also the evil that causes this place fear. The United States of America was faced with that fear when an evil man by the name of Osama Bin Laden organized an attack on one of our most treasured monuments. The Twin Towers, or also known as the World Trade Center. The world watched as the US fought the fires, trying to save our citizens. There was nothing they could do, but watch. After the horrible attack happened, the world was silenced. But they watched as, one by one, we stood up once more, and stronger than ever. The world must have been astonished when they saw how angry we were, but there was also sadness striking the country as well. There were millions of mourners, but that never made us forget the name of the man who hurt us so badly.

The attacks also changed our country. All across the US, panic and fear were rising quickly as we watched the towers, one by one, fall. Our beautiful country went into mourning. Hundreds from around the states rushed to New York City to try and ease the pain, helping pick up all the twisted metal, the tons of concrete, all hoping to find someone’s friend, family member, husband, wife, anyone. But even before the Towers fell, our country was changing. Selfless acts were put into action as regular people, firefighters, police officers, ran into the building, trying to get everyone else out. Their selfless acts are now prized. They sacrificed themselves to give everyone else a second chance to act or change as they were.

Finally, it changed the people, or you. I can’t remember much of that day, as I was only 3 when it happened, yet I remember the TV. It was of a camera, looking up at the first tower when it came crashing to the ground. Even now, when I think back, I wasn’t scared as my parents were, but I could still feel what felt like pain, though I couldn’t describe the feeling that ached in my heart when I saw the Tower fall. I look at all that has changed since that day. We created more security in, well, almost everything. We are stronger, though, that is the most important thing. In that time, we were all taught a certain thing. The people that rushed in to save others, they were the ones taught first. They were taught courage, and no more fear. I honor those people, as do millions of Americans.

Then I look around once more and I realize: we are not as united as that fateful day. There are groups that pick at soldier’s funerals, saying that they died for nothing. That is not true, they died to protect our beloved country. They gave the ultimate sacrifice to give their children, and others chances to become something more. There are people who still think that blacks are just….well, things. They are people, but more than that, they are Americans. Some of the government wants to ban all gay marriages. I don’t really mind them, they might be a little strange in my mind, but I don’t mind the people. It’s their choice, not ours. They want to be like that, that’s just fine. But people, groups, don’t like that and are doing everything in their power to make sure that gay marriages are banned. Then it comes to people of different races. There are still people, much like the KKK, who are trying to shun them out of our society. Why? Any and all races are American citizens if they chose to be. Others have no right to take people out of our country without government okay.

That’s what I know about how 9/11 changed the world. What about your memories and thoughts? Oh, if you see people treating others like they are not there, or that they don’t belong there, think of how people stood together on that fateful day and step up, don’t let our differences be the factor, you be the factor. Choose how you will spend your factor on the world. I hope you chose something good.

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Da_GamerGurlTho said...
Sept. 16, 2014 at 10:50 pm
9/11 did change the world. . . If u make bad choices, look in the mirror and think about what has happened in the World that actually changed the WORLD. Wherever u are, be careful to for what u choose. .
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