Teen voting: Yes or no?

September 21, 2012
By Anonymous

I do not think teens should vote for a plethora of reasons. For instance, Voting does not affect teens as much as adults they do not have to pay bills like adults do. Furthermore, some teens may make a stupid decision about who to vote for. In addition, most teens do not know much about politics and they are not educated enough to make a major decision about it. Moreover,the youth would take teen voting as a joke. In contrast, I do think it’s important that teens have a say in who leads the country since they are a major part of it as well.

There are a lot of reasons why teens should not vote. For instance, in Teenink.com there is an article by Saidah in Williamsport,PA that states “There are a couple reasons teens aren’t allowed to vote until they are old enough to have been given the opportunity to graduate from High School. Firstly because they, we, just don’t know enough to make a major decision.“This shows that teenagers are not intelligent enough to make a major decision about who should manage this country, one wrong vote and we could have dire repercussions.The article goes on to say “Another reason teens should not vote is because teens don’t have to pay taxes and bills but adults do” this shows that voting doesn’t affect teens as much as it does adults so there’s no reason why they should get to vote in the first place. The article continues to explain that “ Teens don’t care about who’s president they only care about fun” this quote is basically saying that people wouldn’t decide who’s president based on political backgrounds they would vote based on things that could be ridiculed of the candidates. In contrast, I can see why people would think teens should vote. For example, there is a quote on Perkel.com that states “Old people are the most reliable voters. They have the highest percentage of any age group. And because of that old people get what they want” this quote is basically saying that old people always choose who leads this country which is unfair since kids are the future so it’s only right they choose who leads them to it. The article goes on to say “But if a lot of young people show up and vote, the politicians will get the message that young people are a force to be reckoned with. The needs of the youth will become more important to elected officials” this means that candidates would pay as much attention to adults as the youth because they now have a say at what happens with the country.

I can connect this to when I was in middle school, since there was a day everyone in my school had to vote for either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama and all I heard was everyone saying I’m voting for Barack because he’s black (not to be a racist I swear). They didn’t even look at his political background and i have to admit neither did I showing that the youth shouldn’t vote. They aren’t mature or educated enough, adults at least passed High School which is why they would be more educated to the world around them. I can also connect this to the hunger games saga: Mockingjay. In the hunger games the world that was North America is called Panem and It’s separated into twelve districts ruled by a government as if not more tyrannical than Nazi Germany named the Capitol. Each year the Capitol makes the twelve districts of Panem have one boy and girl tribute from each district to fight to the death, they treated the people of Panem like the Jews were treated in World War Two. (spoiler alert) In Mockingjay, the last book in the hunger games saga the districts fight back and win and at the end they make a grand decision. Former tributes Peeta, Katniss, Annie and others made a vote to decide whether or not to make a hunger games with the Capitol children, after a split decision vote it was decided it would happen.

As I read this the only question that pops into my head is what if kids as young as six were allowed to vote?. I would assume parents would bribe their kids so that they voted for their favored candidate. Furthermore, kids would accidently change America’s future with their vote. Additionally, kids would vote for campaigns that included toys and candy, which will probably be any candidates campaign since in this scenario kids can vote. Therefore, kids would vote based on anything that isn’t politics and this is why the voting age should be unchanged.

This is important for a number of reasons. For one, It’s practically history in the making. Secondly, It decides the future of this country. Also, It gives the youth more of a voice. In conclusion, It gives the youth more of a say of what happens in this country. But at the end of the day teenagers should not vote they should educate themselves and mature first.

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