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September 19, 2012
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I think that gay people are wonderful and that they deserve to be happy just as much as heteros do. I'm an agnostic Buddhist, so as far as I'm concerned, religion has nothing to do with your sexuality.

But there is a legitimate argument, and that this that if gay people are allowed to be legally recognized as lovers, then there would be less people being born, and voting would get screwy. Well, in places where people are allowed to vote.

I know all of these things are fairly recent, but the first solution to this is a surrogate mother/sperm donor. This can be a sister/brother, best friend, or even stranger, but a lot of homosexual people have their own children, just not with their spouse.

Second of all, gay people can adopt. Although they are not literally reproducing, they are giving an opportunity to a child to be raised in a better home with more opportunities. They are giving these children their best shot, and that can also improve the voting and state representation situation. It is a proven fact that children in the foster care system have a relatively high chance of having a troubled adult life, but if more gay couples were to adopt, that would also improve that problem.

So, what would letting gay people get married cause? Certainly not an epidemic, nor a third world war, and honestly, it wouldn't even bother you unless you wanted it to. It would just make them and a child they take in happy. Happiness is life.

In any case, even if you don't let gay men or women get married, they're still not going to have children. Letting them get married might even make them inclined to adopt or have a surrogate mother/sperm donor allow them to have a baby. Since in some states homosexual marriage is not allowed, it's more difficult for a gay couple to have a child in their life. It's more difficult to adopt, you also can't have information released to you if your partner is in the hospital. Even, for some people, a committed relationship is different than marriage. Some people need that to feel really committed. That makes an unstable environment for a child.

So, really, marriage is actually a good option. It has way more pros than it has cons. Actually, it has no cons. Only happiness. Let's be like Canada and allow gay marriage, and even gay religious marriage! Let's be open minded and mind our own business, and allow our equals as human beings to be happy!

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