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September 19, 2012
Girls are really mean. Why? I have no idea, but sometimes I
sincerely wish I was a guy so I could just kick the other person in the
shins and move on. But as we know violence is not an option, and
being of the female variety, I can’t. Yes, girls can be the most hateful creatures
out there and some could probably give a prison warden a run for his money.
After a while, you just kind of realize, surrounding yourself with the right people
makes a world of difference.

Popularity 101…234

As you can probably tell by my wonderful way with words, I am cursed with
being popular. With being popular, like not the mean snooty kind, comes friends.
With friends, comes drama. Oh, boy! Drama, drama, drama. Frankly, drama is
overrated and silly and I desperately wish it wasn’t a part of my life. To top it
off, it always blows over in a week or so and it’s usually over something
ridiculous. Such as, Sally: “Look Miranda! I got a new flat iron for Christmas! I love
it!” Miranda texting Lucifer: “Omg Sally won’t SHUT UP about her stupid flat iron.
Like seriously no one cares.” Lucifer: “Wow. She shouldn’t have even gotten that
for Christmas. Her family is so poor they’re going to end up on the streets it’s so
sad.” No joke, that actually happened and Sally found out about what Miranda
and Lucifer were saying and was really hurt.

He said that she said that her great uncle’s cousin fifteen times removed said you said I looked bad last night…

That’s what I’m saying though, it is always something silly, and that small silly thing
morphs into a big terrible thing. It’s always centered around gossip, because no matter who you
are, you want to tell your trusted friends those juicy tid-bits you’ve heard. In all seriousness, it
always comes at a cost. If you don’t always want the drama beast nipping at your heels, then
keep your mouth shut, right? Wrong, sir, it isn’t simply that easy. I have about six friends I love
more than anyone. They have always been there for me, and we hardly ever fight. So of course I’m going to tell them about how Billy kissed Kellie when Billy was actually dating Delilah. What a fantastic way to spend your time! Telling people things that aren’t yours to tell! Admittedly, I do it too, but not quite as bad as certain people. The things I have said have gotten me into
trouble before, and thus spurring on the hideous cycle of girly viciousness. Everyone likes to be
in the loop, and you really can’t blame them.

I hate you, let’s hang out

Talking about people is one thing. Talking bad about people is entirely different. Have
you noticed it’s pretty much always girls? This is why: Let’s say you’re a teenage girl. Girls for
some odd reason enjoy surrounding themselves with terrible people, because when you meet
those awful people, and somehow get on their a-list, then they are really fun to be around and
you feel on top of the world because you have this awesome new friend. But then the nice
starts to deteriorate, revealing a truly spiteful creature. This truly spiteful creature starts to
push you around, making you uncomfortable, and when you have your first fight, they send in
the arsenal. Guns ablaze, they make your life as hard as their petty selves can. But when it’s all
said and done, all the words you released and can never take back, the things you did, were
pointless, because now you two are friends again. But she still says bad things about you. You
know it, but you put up with it because she is just super duper cool! One day, you decide you’re
done with all of the struggle for a mean person. The same day, you two have a sleepover.

Gettin’ on my walkin’ shoes

Do you feel like you’re trapped in one of these friendships? Is the person constantly
hurting you? Then it’s time to step into them walkin’ shoes and move on! It’s not just drama
that matters. It’s also being bullied. Honestly, while middle school and high school might
seem like the most important days of our lives, they really won’t matter in the long run. Sure, it
might seem that way right now, but it’s not. One day, while you’re an actual star, they’re going
to be stuck remising about when they were a cafeteria star. Do what I did, and move on. The
people you want to surround yourself with are not the people you find yourself fighting for
constantly. They are the people you never fight with, the people you don’t have a bad word to
say about, and the people who make you happy. That is the most important part. If they bully
you, and treat you like you’re under them, move along. All I really mean is, girls are mean. But
not all of them. Surround yourself with the good ones. (this can go for boys, too.) Be strong and
don’t give up. You’ll find yourself less stressed, and all around happier.

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