Teen Violence

September 7, 2012
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Why waste your time fighting while you could be practicing for the GGT to get a diploma?Teen violence is a learned behavior. Many people think of school shootings when they think of teen violence. But teen violence includes many different activities. These include:gang violence,social media,and relationship violence.

In social media,violence can take place because if children see something that is interesting they would want to take a try. For example,in some violent video games,players act as killers as the sole purpose of the game. This can make a teem try it in real life with innocent children. Also,Face book has helped to create violence between teens. Teens arguing over unnecessary things which can turns out to a real life drama;which is fighting. A parent can let their child avoid that by:letting teens watch age-appropriate shows together,as a family and also don't provide free and unmonitored access to the Internet for their child. Keep the conversation active about Internet safety and violence online. Violence in the media can increase aggressive behavior which is harmful.

One of the things that can greatly increase the chances of your teenager becoming involved in teen violence is involvement with gangs. Gangs choose a common symbol to represent themselves and they tend to do bad things. For example,do drugs and committing armed robbery. Also,they try to make money and attention. A parent can change that by letting them focus on school,getting to interact in activities and having conversation about their future with them. The longer a child lives in a gang type of environment,the more violent they may become.

Understanding any relationship is tough whether it's healthy or abusive. Teen relationship abuse is a part of teen violence. For example:sexual assault,controlling some one's life and physical abuse. Physical abuse can be taken many ways including: Hitting,and using weapons. A parent can protect their child from these activities by:talking to them about their relationship problems and tell them ways how to get over the argues. Parents could tell children that they are valuable people who deserves respect;so if that is not shown it should break off. Also,talk about anger management. The best time to talk about unhealthy relationships is before they start.

Teen violence is real,and is a very big part of a teenager's life in the society we live today. The best way to help prevent teen violence is by not allowing it in your home,and treat others with respect. Parents should talk t teenagers to let them understand there is a lot of violence surrounding them. Let them know that as a parent,you will be there and be very supportive.”Students who do well in school are less likely to smoke,drink or do drugs. But which comes first:drug use or school failure.”

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