How to be yourself

August 30, 2012
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Do you ever feel like everything you do is for the sake of someone else? You wore that new top because your friend thought it looked nice. You got wasted at that party because your boyfriend did too. You studied a certain subject because it wouldn't make you look nerdy. Well I have a newsflash for one really cares what you do, look like or say! They all have their own lives and reputations to keep up. We are all just living this weird false life to try and fit in. If everything we did was for our own reasons think how free life would be! We wouldn't have to fit in with anyone because that would be considered uncool. We would just do what we wanted to do.

But obviously that life would be impractical and selfish. So how can we still live for ourselves in this world and life? To me, it's about assessing yourself. Judge yourself and decide whether what your doing is to fit in with what other people want you to do or if it's fitting in with what you want to do. So the next time you update your facebook status, instead of putting something you don't care about, but you know will get loads of comments like 'Oh I'm sooo fat!!!' Put something you actually care about. Put your energy into the things you're passionate about. 'That was a great book' or 'I'm really enjoying going to church.' or just something that really is you 'I'd rather spend time with my family than at a party with a bunch of wannabees!' You will get people who will put you down and abandon you, but if someone's going to do that, what's the point of knowing them anyway. You don't need anyone like that in you're life! You can hardly expect other people to respect you when you don't even respect yourself.

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stupendousman said...
Sept. 7, 2012 at 6:23 pm
This was great! I like how you made your point quickly without dragging on about it. I really like your article! replied...
Sept. 8, 2012 at 1:17 pm
Thanks...I'll check some of your stuff out some time:) said...
Sept. 7, 2012 at 11:57 am
Please comment and let me know what you think!:)
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