Parenting in a Competitive World

July 20, 2012
By JasmineSidhu SILVER, Valencia, California
JasmineSidhu SILVER, Valencia, California
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After the phenomenon known as Tiger mom, Bebe mom has come to sweep the nation away as the latest revelation in parenting. Pamela Duckerman’s Bringing up Bebe claims that French women can “…teach indulgent, over-scheduling, helicoptering American parents…” the proper way to raise children. It is unfortunate that it is a common stereotype that American women are overweight, lack a fashion sense, and are overly permissive mothers. On the same note, it is a common misconception that French women are high fashion models that come across as neglective mothers.
Lately it seems that everyone is trying to advise others on the best parenting style, but wait a minute is there really a universal parenting fashion that all parents can adopt? With Tiger Mom advocating the best way to raise a child is to be stringent and promote a strict educational base, and Bebe mom advocating that it is healthy to be authoritarian at times, it leaves Americans wondering what is the right way to parent a child?
Based on psychological research, authorative parenting promotes the most mentally satisfied individuals. Essentially, children who are given unconditional positive regard and have a strong support system, can reach their full potential and eventually achieve self-actualization. Because each individual is unique and their own person, there is no way we can brand a parenting style as one that works for every child. However, it is important that a child is given love but reprimanded at times that they are wrong but then reinforced with the right behavior.
It’s not that Bebe mom’s or Tiger mom’s parenting style are wrong, they are just not universal. While it seems that every American woman aspires to be Michelle Obama, it’s high time they realize that they too have the potential to become successful parents. Well, I guess in a world full of drugs, premarital sex, and bad grades parents can’t help thinking what did I do wrong?

The author's comments:
I feel that with an increase in comeptition over the years, parents feel obligated to raise better children. However, I feel that there is no one techinique that builds a sucessfull child.

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