Ashamed of Being a Man

June 15, 2012
By Manas BRONZE, Indore, Indiana
Manas BRONZE, Indore, Indiana
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Yeah, I’m ashamed of being a man in this male dominated society. I loathe the fact that I belong to this majority consisting of insensitive, filthy hypocrites. Every day I come across instances which only fuel up the fire burning inside me.

I feel disgusting when a girl is raped by a man or a group of men. How can anyone do such horrible acts!! Even more disgusting is the reason used for justifying their act, like “the man just lost his control; he couldn’t control himself”. What the f***!! There are much better ways to cope with it, when a man loses his control, rather than committing a rape. And what ‘control’ are they talking about..? Has anyone ever heard even a single case, when a woman lost her control and raped a guy?? Is the justification of losing control meant only for men!!

Another vile reason given by the male chauvinists is, “provocative attire of women is responsible for the rape attempts”. Complete Bullshit. I can say only one thing- a man who’s in a ‘mood’ of rape, will rape any girl in front of him, irrespective of her attire. Whether she is wearing a skirt or jeans or salwar-kameez, it doesn’t matter to him!! And sometimes our political leaders even try to discard this crime on account of ‘political conspiracy’…!! [‘DIDI’ are you listening..?]

So please for heaven’s sake, if you can’t help to stop rape attempts, at least don’t insult a woman’s integrity by stating such reasons.

Another example, showing the hypocrisy of our society, is issue of Virginity. If a man is not virgin it doesn’t matter, in fact, many a times it adds up to their playboy image (read Brand value..!), but, if a woman is not virgin it causes helluva troubles. A woman’s character is judged by her virginity, whereas the man is a supreme self. There is no need of judging his character!!

I feel ashamed when a working woman is expected to do all the household chores, as it’s a part of her ‘responsibility’, but at the same time a man enjoys himself at home because he is believed to be the ‘master’ of the home! Woman is off course, expected to do services for her master.

I feel ashamed when I read reports of imbalanced sex-ratio, caused due to the killing of the girl-fetuses. I can never figure out how this happens in the houses where numerous female goddesses are worshipped!!

I feel humiliated when I think about such female feticides. After the killing of Baby Aafreen took place- I can just imagine such a conversation:

A Man (Evil) to the girl fetus- "Hey goddess, now that I know you are a girl, should I commit feticide or kill you as a little girl. Or would you prefer to live for some years, be a victim of rape and then killed..?? Choice is completely yours."

I can’t look into the eyes of my female friends, while discussing women empowerment and such issues with them, because somewhere deep inside they do think, “Why are you discussing this, after all you are also one of them!” and I don’t blame them for this.

Another abominable instance is when I see or hear about the people harassing women in the squalid slum areas to the beautifully carved corporate offices. It’s like women harassment is omnipresent; only the temperament differs.

I feel abashed when I see the different rules made for the two sexes. Parents give their son complete freedom- he’s allowed to be outside till late hours, taking part in different activities and much more; but the same condition is not for daughters. They are denied these rights under two pretexts- their own security and off course the so called “norms” of society!!

Is such a future possible, where every woman would enjoy the same rights as that of a man, and no such repulsive incidents would take place..??

As ‘Dumbledore’ has said- “It’s our choices that show our true character, far more, than our abilities. So I guess there is no need to say anything now. I hope this would make the society to dwell on these happenings and at least some men would change and take some initiative, because after all, it’s our choices that would determine our future.

And I guess, if the things continue the same way then the day is not far, when God himself will say, “I feel ashamed for creating men”.

The author's comments:
This article is about the condition of women in the modern society and the abominable acts of men which are omnipresent; geographical location doesn't matter.
I'm not a feminist but I'm against any sort of discriminations and I hope atleast some men would change after reading this.

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LYoung said...
on Mar. 20 2014 at 5:41 pm
"I can’t look into the eyes of my female friends, while discussing women empowerment and such issues with them, because somewhere deep inside they do think, “Why are you discussing this, after all you are also one of them!” and I don’t blame them for this." Please, please, please don't think that way. Believe me when I tell you that most women do not think all men are the same, and we do know when we're talking to one that isn't. You don't need to be ashamed of your gender and it's wonderful that you feel so strongly that you would publicly speak out about it (and you are not alone). What you can do is start defeding women online though. The online space appears to be where misogynists come to play, and they get a lot of support which makes them think they are 'winning' so-to-speak. In actual fact, they are not, but not enough decent men fight on women's behalf in these forums, and we need that more than anything at the moment. You could also conisder becoming an openly male feminist and support the movement as much as possible publicly. We need more male feminists. Whatever you choose to do I thank you so much for your support and for all that you do; just knowing there are men like you out there makes me feel a whole lot better about the world. All the best :-)

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