Banding Bullying

July 5, 2012
By ash25 BRONZE, Oak Creek, Colorado
ash25 BRONZE, Oak Creek, Colorado
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Just recently, middle school kids bullied a bus monitor to tears. They were telling her she was fat, ugly, retarded and many other insulting words. The teens parents felt so bad and embarrassed they are now raising $125,000 for a vacation and for the bus monitor to retire. So many kids/teens and adults are bullied or are bullies in our school today. Bullying can not only physically but mentally hurt a person. Kids go home from school scared to go back because they don't want to get hurt any more. A lot of those kids who stay home from school think about, attempted, and/or succeeded in suicide. Bullied teens/adults suffer from poor-self esteem, anxiety, and depression, and some will also start to cut themselves because they are in pain and are holding in all of their feelings.

The movie Bully showed two families who lost their kids to suicide. Both of these teens were bullied and just couldn't handle it any more. Both of the teens didn't tell their families they were bullied until it was too late. Over 14% of bullied teens consider suicide, 7% attempt it, and 4% succeed. More than half of teen suicides are because of bullying. Alex Libby, a character in the movie Bully, was too scared to go back to school because he was bullied so brutally. 160,000 teens stay home from school over the fear of being bullied another day. If these kids are too afraid of school how are they supposed to learn anything? Parents are wondering why their kids aren't safe at school; kids are wondering why no one cares enough to do something about this big problem we have in our high schools.

Teachers, parents, and bystanders don't understand why bullies don't even realize when they are hurting a kid. They just think its a joke and go home having the best life they can think of. While another kid down the street is depressed, hurt, and terrified to go back the that wretched place called school. All kids/adults should enjoy school/work. Teens should be learning and figuring out what they will be after high school, not worrying about being bullied everyday. Adults should be living their dreams, making money for a new car, new house, or simply just providing for their family not having to deal with bullies at a professional environment. People need to be safe and not at risk of being bullied anywhere they are. Schools need to be more strict with bullies when staff members see a bully bullying they should be sent to the principles office right away. If they have been brutally bullying kids for a while they should be expelled; if they do not bully very much they should be put in In School Suspension (ISS). This will reduce the bullying, the suicides, and the depressions in our high schools rapidly.

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