Individuality and Stereotypes

July 4, 2012
By CoreyM3 BRONZE, Melbourne, Other
CoreyM3 BRONZE, Melbourne, Other
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It's what defines us as a person and what separates us all.
In saying that it is also what outcasts us as well at times.
It's hard to say whether being yourself is something your taught or something you just learn,
Either way, it's you and you'll never be able to escape it.

At times you may adjust the way you act or what you say because you think it's 'the right thing to do' or what's 'expected of you'
This though is just a cover up,
The thing we all need to realise is that being someone your not can only last so long.
The closer you get to someone and the more time you spend together, the more of your true self comes out.
We have no control over that,
No matter how hard you try to cover up who you really are it'll always eventually surface because that’s you.

Individuality can be very widely defined,
Some would say it’s the person who doesn't follow the crowd that is individual, whilst others would say it's the person who the crowd's following that's the individual,
Personally I see everyone in the same position as each other,
We all have certain strengths and weaknesses which shape both our physical and emotional state.
It's the people who work to their strengths and attempt to better their weaknesses that achieve most happiness and success,
So often people will complain about almost anything and always focus on the negative as if it's something that will always set them back.
Situations like this are merely obstacles, a series of tests put before you to establish who you really are and how far you’re willing to go in order to achieve what you are searching for.

Stereotypes and individuality have such different meanings yet they seem to be so closely linked in the world we live in,
As a result of being placed under a stereotype someone’s chance to express their true self can almost instantly be lost.
Based purely on physical and environmental features we as humans enable ourselves to place others in these what seem to be 'ideal' stereotypes for each other.
I don't think we could be more incorrect,
To anyone reading this I could sound quite hypercritical because I too am guilty of creating these stereotypes at times also.
I think the only reason why is because if your able to justify in your mind why someone is a certain way then that’s proof enough that the group you've placed them in is where they belong,
I know it sounds absurd but when you don't know anything about this person aside from what you've heard how could you ever make an accurate judgement of them, it's not possible.
That's where we fall down, because of the society we've been brought up in and the environment we're placed in sometimes who you really are can fly under the radar,
Purely because that 'real you' just wouldn't be accepted by the majority of people,
Personally I think until you realise that, you'll never be able to fully express yourself to anybody,
As we get older we learn more about not only ourselves but everyone and everything around us, as this happens friendships and bonds are formed,
Some of which are so 'right' that you feel that it is 'safe' to show who you really are and 'safe' enough to finally be the person you are, free of judgement.

As sad as it sounds there’s no doubt in my mind that I’m not the only one that feels trapped in the group we're surrounded by sometimes, knowing you just don't fit anymore is a scary feeling but also rewarding in itself, because sometimes the reason for you being an outcast is because unlike your immediate peers you find yourself with much greater aspirations, goals and morals, specific quality’s that some people will never acquire.

We are all special in our own way, sometimes you just need a chance to show it.

The author's comments:
A piece I wrote not to long ago when evaluating who we are and why we do the things we do as humans.

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