Child Labour: We need to act!

June 7, 2012
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Child Labour: What’s Weakening Society

If there is something major we have to change its child labour. Child labour is ruining countries’ economies, their literacy rate, birth rate, it just ruins the whole way a country is looked at by people.
There might be people that have never heard of child labour, but it is time to act. People might say that we can never change the fact that there is child labour, and it will always be there, but we can always try to diminish the amount of child labour in the world.
It is said that one in six children in developing countries are engaged in child labour. Many children are put to work in ways that often “interfere with their education, drain their childhood of joy and crush their right to normal physical and mental development”.
You might be thinking what this all does to a country. It ruins societies all over the world. Child Labour lessens the world’s income.
If we try reduce child labour it will hopefully help the world’s economy, and also make the world a better place to live. It will also lessen crime, and reduce world poverty.
There are a number of ways to reduce child labour; the biggest point to boycott the child-produced products. Another point is to give children a basic education that will enable children to obtain normal jobs. Governments should also make strict trade laws which employ strict measures against child labour. If these points are all listened too, the whole world could be changed a lot. Think of the world with no poverty, high literacy rates in each country, high GDP. All this could be just because of the choices we chose to make. All we have to do is make those decisions.
Stop child labour!

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Anonymous said...
Dec. 22, 2014 at 8:29 am
nice article, child has to be brought to a halt right now
Anonymous Teen said...
Nov. 26, 2014 at 6:33 pm
You can't simply eliminate child labour from a society that has both been developed by he use of slavery and continues to thrive with the use of child labour. Although child labour is a dark aspect of reality, it is a part of realit nonetheless. Child labour predominetly exists in developing nations in which families are forced to sell their chidren into slavery as a means of survival and support, as the working child now generates income for the family and ultimately back into the economy. ... (more »)
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