Same Sex Marriage

June 15, 2012
By dajujucm BRONZE, Bridgehampton, New York
dajujucm BRONZE, Bridgehampton, New York
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All around the world people get married to celebrate their love for each other. People have big white weddings, small ceremonies, and sometimes people get married at the chapel on the side of the street in Las Vegas. These people getting married usually thought of as a man and a woman by people, religion, and most of the government. But what if a woman and another woman wanted to get married? In Some states the most that’s illegal and the most they can do is move into together!

A big question is why is same sex marriage illegal? The government of each state saying that two people of the same sex can’t get married is saying that they are only supporting the straight community of their state. It seems as if the government is taking the religious views that say being gay is a sin and making it into a state law. However religion and government should never mix, especially in the great American melting pot which consists of numerous amounts of races and religions.

People cannot control their sexuality. If you’re straight can you turn gay? Well it’s no different for gay people trying to be straight. Banning same sex marriage won’t stop people from being gay, so why do it? Being married has many benefits. Some including inheriting your partner’s house or money, so if your partner dies you don’t have to go through the pain of watching their body being buried and then move out of the home you shared the following day. Another benefit of being married is if your partner is extremely sick in the hospital, you will be able to visit them. If you’re not married, than you’re not legally family and therefore when your partners family is by his or her death bead possibly saying their final goodbyes you are stuck in the hospital waiting room crying your eyes out.

The definition of marriage should not be made for the straight community, and either should the law. In 1976, a Los Angeles secretary named Jannene Swift officially married a fifty pound rock. But currently a man can’t marry a man? So stop trying to make gay people adapt to what you think they should want or like. It’s not fair and it’s not right.

The author's comments:
In School we were given the assignment to write an opinion piece. I chose to write about same sex marriage because i thought it was a big issue in my area, and in the whole country.

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