A Chance at Love

June 8, 2012
By CatCam GOLD, San Diego, California
CatCam GOLD, San Diego, California
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We all know the arguments that's been told for decades. It's not moral. God would send them to hell. What are we teaching our children? But the truth is these arguments are just excuses excuses that only hide our own discrimination. These excuses allow us to treat people as non-equals like our Constitution forbids. This previous year alone we might have made a step to understanding or as some might say of tolerance but that doesn't change what we're doing. The old sayingg 'Don't ask don't tell' still exist even if it's illegal. We're all sayingg it in everyday life. By telling gays that they can't marry we're telling them that we wont ask you what you like and you wont tell us who you love. If they marry the ones they love they go to jail instead of getting kicked out of their jobs. What kind of world do we live in that allows that? Is it any world that you want to live in?

I stand with the rights of the gay community. Why? Because they are a community. They eat, sleep, hold jobs, feel, and most they importantly love. They are human beings like the rest of us but they also get prosecuted in the eyes of others for who they love. I see Americans who are suppose to be free get shackled by the chains of society. They are shackled and struggling to break free every moment that they live. Some that are struggling just drown and they don't get up. The lucky ones that break free either have understanding family or no family at all. All i want is to see the gay community unshackled and free to marry those they love without fear of prosecution.

We all know that DADT or more commonly known as 'don't ask don't tell' was made in 93' by the Clinton Administration. We also know that in the 90' also in the Clinton era that gay marriage was banned by federal law. Tell me does this seem right? Or are we taking away people's freedom to marry those who we love?

In the 1990's when Bill Clinton was in office the Defence of Marriage Act was legalized. This act defines marriage as "between a man and a woman" effectively banning gay marriage for the federal government. But the act also let the 50 states to define marriage. This allowing gays to marry their loved ones in only some states. To this day Massachusetts, Iowa, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, New York, and Vermont allow gay marriage. Seven states out of fifty. Five states that recognize that love come in all shapes, sizes, and gender. Yes some other ten states recognize gay marriage or offer alternative solutions to marriage. So all in all seventeen states that don't out right ban it. Does this seem right seventeen out of fifty states recognize love.

In 1993 Clinton banned gays from openly fighting in the army. The bill was often referred to as DADT or 'don't ask don't tell." In May 27, 2010 the act was over turned by the House of Representatives. Since DADT been in affect 14,000 military men and women been fired. Or discharged. To me that is 14,000 people too many. It begs the question did we just overturn the law to have more soldiers on the front line. The military supports this overturn true but it toke months to take affect. It will take years to even make dent to right the wrongs that we did to those innocent men and women.

I'll ask you somethings that I want you think about while you finish reading. When will people start looking past gays in the military as unmoral and start seeing men in uniforms or women in uniforms? The affect of the overturn will toke affect in December but did people listen? Did that and will they accept? Or will they be kept quite and let their anger build until it manifests as violence? When will DADT really be overturned by the people?

Since the Marriage Act toke place in 1996 millions of marriage licenses to gay men and women have been denied. Since the Marriage Act there's been a 15% increase of population where they recognize gays living together in union. Is that right or should gays live where ever they live?

Will it be months or years until the DADT on the marriage is banned. Or do we wait another twenty two years. Our we going to stand by and see our brothers and sisters get shackled and stay shackled? Or our we going to do something? Help our brothers and sister. Help free millions from chains.

The author's comments:
Cousins, Brother in military, hate discrimination. and love the gays

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