Low Self-Esteem

May 12, 2012
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“You are a failure”
“You are not beautiful”
“You are ugly”
“You don’t have any friends”
“Nobody cares”
“You are different”
“You will never fit in”
“She is prettier than you”
“You are too fat”
“You are too skinny”
“You will never be one of them”
“You are pathetic”
“You are an embarrassment”
“You are mean”
“You will never succeed”
“You are a coward”
“You are hypocrite”
“You won’t ever be liked”

Go To God and Bow on your Knees

“You will succeed”
“You are beautiful”
“Ugly is not a word in your language”
“You have a whole family”
“Mother. Father, sisters, brothers do care”
“Everyone is unique and special”
“Don’t worry, you are not alone”
“Everyone has their own beauty”
“Sizes and shapes do not matter”
“You are not but if you are, eat McDonalds”
“You never were and never will be”
“Enjoy yourself”
“People have their shame now and then”
“Life is mean”
“Again, you WILL succeed”
“You are strong”
“So is everyone else”
“God, Family likes you”

Go To God and Bow on your Knees

Be grateful for what and who you are, for what and who you have in life
Stop complaining and comparing yourself to others

All issues are not the same, and everybody is unique and special
And remember that some other people always have it worse

If they are strong enough to survive what they are going through
You are too

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